If you reload and shoot multiple caliber firearms, be aware of unsafe firearm and ammunition combinations. Avid reloaders and shooters often head out to the range with multiple calibers of firearms. It is very easy to grab the wrong caliber and insert it into the gun. If the caliber just does not fit, this is simply embarrassing. Although in some combinations, loading the wrong caliber into the gun can have dire consequences.

Most shotgun shooters are aware of the danger of inserting a 20-gauge shotshell into a 12-gauge gun. The 20-gauge shotshell will lodge in the throat, leaving enough space behind it for a normal 12-gauge to load and fire. This situation will usually destroy the gun and can injure the shooter and/or bystanders. This is the reason American shotgun shell manufacturers reserve the hull color yellow for 20-gauge shells only.

But this is not the only unsafe gun and ammunition combination. The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute (S.A.A.M.I.) maintains a list of all unsafe firearm and ammunition combinations on its website. It is well worth looking at this list.