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Information For Our Customers
We continue to prioritize our shipments to our traditional sales channels to maximize powder availability at retailers.
We place limited powder inventory for sale on a regular basis on our website. When we are sold out, we are sold out.
We do not take backorders and our Tech Services team cannot take orders via email or phone.
The max order quantity of any powder SKU is 5 and we will only accept one order, per customer, per calendar month with a maximum weight of 48lbs.
Products purchased on our site are NOT FOR RESALE. ALL SALES ARE FINAL – No cancellations or returns.
PLEASE NOTE: All orders ship within 10-15 business days. Please refer to our Sales and Shipping Policy for more information.
Legend of Abbreviations
Metallic Cartridge for Rifle & Handgun
  • Australian Defense Industries
  • Barnes
  • Berger Bullets
  • Berry’s Bullets
  • Bull-X
  • Bear Tooth Bullets
  • Cast Performance Bullets
  • Freedom Arms
  • Federal
  • Fabrique National Balgium
  • Hornady
  • Hodgdon Powder Company
  • Improved Military Rifle
  • Lyman
  • Meister
  • Nosler
  • Remington
  • Swift
  • Sierra
  • Speer
  • Woodleigh
  • Winchester
  • Large Rifle
  • Large Rifle Magnum
  • Small Rifle
  • Small Rifle Magnum
  • Large Pistol
  • Large Pistol Magnum
  • Small Pistol
  • Small Pistol Magnum
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  • Barrel
  • Compressed Powder Charge
  • Cartridge Overall Length
  • Copper Units of Pressure
  • Lead Units of Pressure
  • Primer
  • Pounds per Square Inch
  • Reformed from Parent Case
  • Velocity
  • Accu-Bond
  • Hornady Match
  • Blitz King
  • Bench Rest
  • Boat Tail or Nosler Ballistic Tip
  • Boat Tail Spire Point
  • Full Metal Case
  • Full Metal Jacket
  • Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail
  • Flat Nose
  • Flat Point
  • Full Plated Jacket
  • Fail Sae
  • Flex Tip
  • Flex Tip for Marlin Express
  • Gas Check
  • Gold Dot Hollow Point
  • Gold Dot Soft Point
  • Grand Slam
  • Hollow Base
  • Hollow Cavity
  • Hollow Point
  • Hollow Point Boat Tail
  • Hollow Soft Point
  • Inter Bond
  • Jacketed Flat Point
  • Jacketed Hollow Cavity
  • Jacketed Hollow Point
  • Jacketed Round Nose
  • Jacketed Soft Point
  • Jacketed Semi-Wadcutter
  • Lead Bevel Base Wadcutter
  • Lead Conical Nose
  • Lead Flat Nose
  • Lead Flat Nose Plain Base
  • Lead Flat Point
  • Lead Hollow Base Wadcutter
  • Lead Round Nose
  • Lead Semi-Wadcutter
  • Metal Case
  • Match King
  • Maximum Range X Bullet
  • Mag Tip Soft Point
  • Partition
  • Pointed Soft Point “Core Lokt”
  • Round Nose
  • Solid Base
  • Spitzer Boat Tail
  • Scirocco
  • Short Jacket
  • Semi-Pointed
  • Spire Point, Soft Point
  • Soft Point Boat Tail
  • Spitzer Boat Tail
  • Single Shot Pistol
  • Super Shock Tip
  • Silver Tip
  • Super Explosive
  • Total Metal Jacket
  • Varmint Bullet
  • Triple Shock X Bullet
  • Tipped Triple Shock X Bullet
  • Varmint Grenade
  • Very Low Drag
  • Varmint Express
  • With Gas Check
  • Wadcutter
  • X Bullet
  • X Boat Tail
  • X Boat Tail Coated
  • X Flat Base Bullet
  • X Coated Bullet
  • X Pistol Bullet
  • Extreme Terminal Performance
Shot Shells
  • Ballistic Products
  • Claybuster wads
  • Cheditte
  • Downrange wads
  • Fiocchi
  • Handicap
  • Hornady
  • International
  • Longshot
  • Universal
  • Winchester Super Field
  • Winchester Super Target