Handgun Bullet Shape

Although the Hodgdon Reloading Data Center provides the most handloading recipes available, with specific data for many individual bullets, it is impossible to test and list every bullet type that is available. That is why, after selecting the appropriate reload data, it is prudent to check the gun function after making just a few loads rather than just “load ’em up.” 

Common issues that may arise include:

  • Fit of cartridge in magazine
  • Bullet nose protrusion past face of cylinder
  • Bullet nose shape does not work with the feed ramp / feeding into the chamber
  • Rifle bullet nose engages the rifling too soon when closing action

Before you load up a box of bullets, make a handful to take on your next trip to the range to ensure they perform as expected. This is much better than having a whole batch of loaded ammo that will not work in your gun.