Cleaning a Muzzleloader

Cleaning a muzzleloader after using Triple Seven and White Hots products is a breeze. Muzzleloading propellants are typically hygroscopic, so moisture collects quickly in the remaining residue after firing. Before putting the firearm in storage, to prevent rusting, the gun should be properly cleaned. Because Triple Seven and White Hots can be cleaned with water, no bore solvents are necessary, making cleaning simple, quick and easy.

The first step is removing the breech plug from the barrel. Following removal, simply take cleaning patches lightly soaked in water and swab the barrel. When a damp patch finishes clean, scrub with one or two dry patches to remove any moisture, and run a final lubed patch through the bore to prevent rust.

Next, take the breech plug and use a light solvent with a small scrub brush and remove the grease and residue. Clean the flash hole with a pipe cleaner, re-lube the threads, return the breech plug to the barrel, and the process is complete. Wipe down the exterior of the firearm with a lightly lubed gun cloth, and the gun is ready for storage.